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‘It’s time for us to watch them’: App lets you spy on Alexa and the rest of your smart devices

By design, these devices are always on, and always transmitting data. However, what most of us don’t know, is exactly what kind of information all these networked appliances are gathering and who has access to it. Find out more from CBC news:

Netflix, Spotify and more? It might be time to ‘Marie Kondo’ your digital subscriptions

Many new year’s resolutions have included “Tidying Up” with Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo, as many of us are catching on to the benefit of simplifying our lives, and getting rid of unwanted belongings in our homes. But what about our digital clutter? Find out more from CBC news:

Toronto’s failed bid to land Amazon’s second HQ

The swift unraveling of the project reflected growing antipathy toward large technology companies among liberals and populists who accuse big business of holding down wages and wielding too much political clout, analysts said. Find out more at: