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As a leading IT solution provider, Infobase is committed to providing premier consulting services across Canada and beyond. Focusing on financial services, digital marketing, content management systems and information security, our team of professionals bring unmatched knowledge and industry awareness to global brands, government departments and organizations of all sizes.

What do we do

Our goal is to provide support and guidance that enable our clients to maximize the potential of IT solutions within their organizations.
We cover all areas of IT service, including:

Application Design and Development

Design and development are at the core of every successful, large-scale enterprise application.

Business Systems Analysis

For any application, the key to success is reliable analysis.

Information Security Development and Integration

With extensive experience in crypto technology, authentication, authorization and application security, our team delivers the security solutions your organization needs.

Application Quality Assurance

Our experienced quality assurance consultants work closely with you to deliver the complete testing solution, whether as QA lead or through our comprehensive integrated QA testing service.

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