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Malware is going to get weirder in 2020, so it’s time for enterprises to get weird too, says Trend Micro exec

Looking towards 2020, Myla Pilao, the director of technology marketing for cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, sees three major trends on the horizon: an increase in malware using unconventional behaviors, an emergence of Linux-based malware, and a continued increase in the volume and complexity of info-stealing malware. Find out more at: Malware is going to get […]

Ontario’s healthcare shakeup attracting cyberattacks, says security expert

The province’s ongoing efforts to merge its health agencies and create local care co-ordination organizations called Ontario Health Teams are absent of a proper security framework. iSecurity’s client base includes companies outside of healthcare, but healthcare is by far the most targeted industry. In 2019, nearly 50 per cent of breaches detected and responded to […]